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5/22/06 07:27 pm - <~~~~shes not dead!!!

Im not dead people! In fact, Kyle can vouch....because he came to visit me today! Ive just been working all the damn time. I had an interview with the law office...but i never heard anything back. Oh well...

Nothing else has really been going on. Working and doing things for the wedding! We had the bachlorette party saturday night....and it was so much fun! I made her a penis cake! We went down to 4th street for awhile, and ended up at Wet Willys. Nicole, the maid of honor, rented a limo....and they decided to upgrade the limo at no extra charge....so we ended up in a H3 stretch hummer limo! How great is that???? That shit was tight! We had soooooo much fun! I havent had that much fun in the longest time!

Right now im kinda bored. I want to go to target....mainly just to get out of the house...but justin wont go....hes bein GAY! lol....

I miss everybody...i feel so outta the loop with everything. I never get to talk to Peezy...or eric...or my beffers.....or anybody at all really.... We all need to hang out! One of these days we will have a big ol party at my crib! So you guys dont have to spend money on hotel rooms anymore!

Dear Spiderman (Alex)

Im sorry that i didnt get a chance to even call you the day of your graduation party. I had to work the whole day...and mike came in and reminded me 2 days later. Congrats on graduating! And good luck to you in the future!

I think im offa here....im gonna drag his ass out to target no matter what!

Chuck Norris walks with somewhat of a limp; this is not the result of a stunt injury, as certain media accounts have insinuated, but because of his cumbersome rhinoceros balls

Chuck Norris was at home relaxing one day when his doorbell rang and an Avon makeup lady was at his doorstep selling makeup. He was so pissed off he roundhouse kicked all of her makeup in her face and she's been unable to get it off since. Today we call her Cher.

Every time Chuck Norris throws a roundhouse kick, all women within 5 miles of Chuck immediately achieve orgasm

4/30/06 12:56 am - I only see guys in tuxs. That means one thing. Trinitys prom is tonight...gay!

I hate work. And i hate saturdays. SO today sucked my ass bigtime. We finally got outta work at 11:45. Blah. And the store is still trashed. I dont think matt will be pleased, but i wasnt staying any later than that.

Momma is trying to hook me up with some offic job that a friend of hers talked about. Its a secretary job at a law firm. It all depends on the money. I could stand workin 9-6 mon-fri. It will be the first job that ive ever had that i didnt have to work every saturday! im kinda hopin it works out. IM tired of retail. I dont know how much longer i can handle it. Im about to go ape-shit on some bitches real quick!

I think im done with this entry. Its boring, but hey...thats my life! if something exciting happens...youll be the first to know!

P.S. Because of my vacation, i have tan feet for the first time in 7 years. Take that kingdom employees! lol! i love you people

Chuck Norris defines love as the reluctance to murder. If you’re still alive, it’s because Chuck Norris loves you

Chuck Norris can win a game of Monopoly without owning any property

Chuck Norris is the only man to ever defeat a brick wall in a game of tennis

4/28/06 01:06 pm - Yea....i stole it....what are you gonna do about it?

1. I'll respond with something random about you
2. I'll challenge you to try something
3. I'll pick a color that I associate with you
4. I'll tell you something I like about you
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of
7. I'll ask you something I've always wanted to ask you
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on yours

4/23/06 11:28 pm - Its not vodka! Its imported water from Sweden

VACATION! I love it! but it doesnt feel like i have been on vacation at all! I had a meeting at work on Saturday, which was pretty pointless....but then Jess and i went to Cinci to do some shopping! It was a somewhat pointless trip, but fun anyway. We havent spent that much time together, so it was fun to get away. Sunday night, Justin and headed to North Carolina. 11 hours....to go to a little itty bitty town....with one light. And it wasnt even a real light! It was one of the yellow blinky lights! No stop signs, no stop lights....tiny. We spent the week with his family, which was pretty cool. He has a HUGE FUCKING FAMILY. Huge. But was great times tho! Until he locked my keys in my car...douche. But he did take me to a beach!

And yes....we were a group of retards that camped out on friday night. We got down to the great lawn right at midnight. And we spent the whole night. It was cold as shit outside! But its still a fun story to tell. Ive never been camping. I dont know if you could really consider that camping, but it was close enuff for me! At 9:00ish...the cops came around and made everybody take their tents down....so we just moved. We ended up by the big black "sculpture" thats down there. We had a decent area roped off with caution tape, and could see really well! Best Thunder ever! Hopefully ill have some pics on here later! Unless i forget...which is a great possibility.

And today was a bridal shower, which was fun. I dont think i rested this whole vacation...but i suppose thats the way its meant to be! It was a fun vacation anyway! I really really dont wanna go back to work tomorrow.....blah..... My next vacation will be in October...and justin is taking me to florida! yay! (we have to plan whoa early or it wont happen) Im going to bed. Ive missed MY bed...snuggling with my doggie...and my man! Im gonna sleep good tonight! Later Homes!

When Chuck Norris walks in the club, he searches the bouncers

Chuck Norris killed the creator of color by numbers for telling him what to do

Liberace came out of the closet because Chuck Norris was in there

4/9/06 01:15 am - funniest song ever


4/7/06 04:55 pm - Dont worry about getting sucked in the tornado. Worry about the flying nails and shit.

NEW ENTRY! its been FOREVER since my last update. Nothing has really happened since then. Just work..which is better now that Sean is gone. Steven got a job at Shoe Carnival, and hes trying to get me on there as well. Billy keeps calling me and telling me that Krista wants to hire me at Pac Sun. I guess i should call him back and see what thats all about. Im pretty sure that im tired of retail, so if i leave Aero...im going elsewhere. Steven is really trying to get me to enroll at the University of Pheonix with him. They have a "campus" in Louisville and its about 2 seconds from my apartment. I'll probably go ahead and start that with him. It'll be good to be back in school. Justin and i got gym memberships at Gold Gym. Im excited, but then again its gonna be so sad going there without Karissa. We used to have the best times going to the gym, now i miss her terribly!

And justin and i got tattoos the other day! He finished his, and i got a new one! This one actually has meaning behind it! It's an angel with my cousins name underneath of it. I like it alot! Im gonna try to take a picture of it...maybe ill put it on here. Im not sure yet.

Oh well! Its so pretty outside. So im gonna take the dog on a walk until Justin gets home. Then, hopefully, we will take her to the park to run around. Later days people! I miss everyone!

Chuck Norris has a heart of Gold. Really, 24k gold

Chuck Norris drinks a special shake every morning for breakfast, the ingredients of which include yak milk, strawberry, banana, pineapple, a sprinkle of Bruce Lee's cremated remains, and two fetuses. He says the fetuses make it extra creamy.

When Chuck Norris tans, everyone around him gets ten times darker and eventually dies from cancer

3/29/06 11:07 am - I found the obit.

CORNELIUS, KAREN, 45, of Louisville, passed away Tuesday, March 28, 2006 at home. She is survived by her husband, Tim Lashley; son, Timmy Lashley and his wife, Alisha; granddaughter, Kiara Lashley; brothers, Andy and Jeff Cornelius; and sister, Carolyn Colyer. Her funeral will be 11 a.m. Friday at J.B. Ratterman & Sons-Southwest, 4832 Cane Run Road, with burial in Cherry Spring Baptist Church Cemetery in Hart County. Visitation will be noon-9 p.m. Wednesday and 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Thursday.
Published in The Courier-Journal on 3/29/2006

Just incase anone was wondering. Myself and some of the warehouse guys from last year are probably going to go to the visitation early tomorrow. If you would like to join us. Just gimme a call, or shoot me an email. Thanx.

3/10/06 03:02 pm - "it went thru his entire leg...gross" "It went thru his leg? Did he swallow it?" "Yea Ali..he did"

Jess....shes retarded!

So not much has really been going on in my world....except that i got a doggie! She is way cute! Her name is Chloe! We got her from the humane society, because if you buy a dog thats over a year old, it only costs $17.50. Shes 1yr and 6 mths old, with all of her shots, and shes been spade, and all that stuff...so its a pretty good deal! They had named her Cliffo...which we thought was stupid. But the lady at Feeders Supply started calling her Cleo...but we really didnt like that either. We just picked something close because she answers to Cleo pretty well. Right now im on my lunch break, and i came to chill at Stevens apartment. He has got the cutest puppy ever! Its a little Mini Pinscher! Only 8 weeks old! How cute! But now i have to go back to work....GAY!

I cant put any Chuck Norris facts because i dont have time right now...bummer....


3/4/06 06:09 pm - I think thats the cop that arrested me....I didnt know that was a school i was peeing on....geez

I love having a weekend off! It makes me happy! And i would like to thank everybody for the birthday wishes and stuff! Sorry i didnt answer if you called or reply to a text. I went shopping yesterday and didnt have my phone! And then today we were at a babys birthday party all day...

Last night i went to dinner with the fam....and then met up with Jess, Amber S, and Ali at Ocharlies! It was good times! They told our waiter it was my birthday, so they came out to sing to me! We noticed that there were only guys singing...yea! And we ran into Shawn Lomax! Crazyness!

But everything has been pretty good....work is rollin along like usual. I would like to point out that i hate the Beta Club! The middle school Beta club convention was in town....and they were at the mall pretty much all week. Grrrrrr....i now realize how stupid i must have looked when i was in middle school. Especially the 8th graders. Did we think we were tough shit when we were in 8th grade? Because they all do! And they get smart and try to talk shit. I about knocked one girl out...tryin to get big with me.

Oh well! my updates suck. nothing good ever happens to me! But even if it did, i wouldnt get the chance to put it on here, and then i would forget anyway. I miss everyone! Holla!

You give a man a fish, he eats for a day. You teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime. If you ever, ever try to teach Chuck Norris about fishing then he will use your testicles as bait

Never try and return a Chuck Norris Total Gym. Within 60 seconds of its return Chuck Norris will rappell through your living room window and scissor kick you in the throat and immediately power fuck Christna Brinkley on your total gym.

Chuck Norris makes onions cry

2/24/06 11:11 am - I'm sorry! We dont carry the size EXTRA LARD-ASS!

My girl Ashley...you crack me up!

So whats up? How is everyone? Hopefully everyone is well! I'm jacked...and it sux. I woke up yesterday and thought i was going to DIE! I was soooooo sick..... but Justin was a sweetie and came home from work to take care of me! He made me toast, and put a cold rag under my neck (since i was laying in the middle of the bedroom floor) And he rubbed my tummy to make the knots go away. i felt better to i stood in a hot shower for about 45 min. That helped alot. I ended up getting to work at 3:30 instead of 1....but thats what time steven told me to come in! I appreciate it guys! Baby....i love you!

this week at work has been pretty good...especially since assface is on vacation! That helps alot. But since hes gone, and it is stevens weekend off....i guess we will see how much i hate life on saturday! At least i open tho! YEA!!! im offa here. gotta get ready for work again. BLAH..... holler!

There is three ways to do things. The right way, the wrong way and the Chuck Norris way. The Chuck Norris way is just the wrong way but with more roundhouse kicks

Chuck Norris' money shot can actually be counted in $10s and $20s

On a hot Texas day, Chuck Norris heard a Yankee make the comment, "It's not the heat, it's the humidity that will kill you." Chuck immediately threw him into the sun.

Chuck Norris appeared briefly on the Apprentice. When he was being fired by Donald Trump, Norris cut him off by saying, "Shut your cocksucker" and roundhouse kicked him in the throat.
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